Sunday, April 15, 2012

                         Ted Talk 
On the seas of plastic
by Capt. Charles Moore
On the seas of plastic is very enjoyable to listen to and I was glued to the screen from the start to the finish of his discussion.
The ted talk is about a man named Charles Moore, who is the founder of the Algalita Marine Research Foundation. He captains the foundation's research vessel, the Alguita, documenting the great expanses of plastic waste that now litter our oceans. During his talk he told the audience that the US alone uses 2 million disposable liquid containers very 5 minutes which scared me to death and made me wonder on how could we use so many water bottles. He also talked about how birds called Laysan Albatross Bolus are dyeing from plastic caps. The moms mistake the caps as food and they give it to their young to feed on. Thousands of these birds are now being found with dozens of plastic caps in their stomach and the deaths are increasing. He also say’s that it’s not only the birds that are suffering but also the fish in the ocean. They caught a fish that is now a world record holder that had 84!! pieces of plastic in his stomach which is ridiculous. He also showed a picture of children in the Philippines who were in the water scavenging for plastics that they could use which I found that it was not only sad but also frustrating into understanding on that so many people can look at this and not do anything about it. 
I really found this talk very educational on this potential crisis that our human civilization is facing. It really made me think about how I throw away my plastics and it really made me want to help change the way our disposable life styles are going at now. I highly recommend this Ted talk and I really hope you get the chance to watch and listen to it like I did. 

Capt. Charles Moore. On the seas of plastic. Ted2009 Posted Feb 2009

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