Sunday, April 1, 2012

How to Get Lost for 4 Days & Live

How to Get Lost for 4 Days & Live by Unknown/Unstated

Rating - ***

The article that I read, 'How to Get Lost for 4 Days & Live,' gives us advice on what do to if you find yourself in an extreme survival situation. It tells you how to make a plan so that you can survive for a few days on as little as possible (assuming that people know where you are, and will come and find you in a few days time). It also links to a DIY survival kit article, and assumes that you will have this with you. It explains that your priorities in this situation are (in this order): fire, water, shelter, food. It explains at each step exactly what you should be doing, and why you're doing it in this order.

From this article, I have learned how to prepare for a possibly dangerous situation. If I were to be put in a survival situation now, I would have in mind the steps from this article, which would help me a great deal. This article has also made me consider going into a survival situation on purpose, to have this experience and learn how to survive off of so little. I found this article very informative and interesting.

Source: “Skills > How to Get Lost for 4 Days & Live.” June 20, 2009 (

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