Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Article #3

Canoe-over-canoe rescue – How to do it right

By Andrew Westwood
Rating ****

Do you know how to help someone that has capsized his canoe? I did not, and in the canoe trip with my group, I realized it is always useful to be able to handle the situation. In this article the author gives explanation about the Canoe-over-canoe rescue technique that could be used to help a single or double canoe. The article is short and easy to read.

 This article gives tips and instructions about how to make a canoe-over-canoe rescue. Andrew Westwood explains every step in details; he goes from emptying the canoe to getting into it when it is empty. There are pictures for each of the six steps and it helps a lot to understand. This technique takes no longer than 5 minutes to empty the canoe and it is really efficient. I think this article is useful for the outdoor education program because it improves canoe skills and tips for the students. Students would have fewer reasons to panic if they capsized their canoe because they would know how they can be rescued and how to help others. This article definitively improved my canoe skills and I am ready to help anyone if they capsize.

I found this article really interesting and I enjoyed my reading. I recommend this article for anyone that goes canoeing and is interested in getting information about rescuing a capsized canoe.

Andrew. Westwood. “Canoe-over-canoe rescue – How to do it right”. OttawaOutdoors Magazine. (Summer/Fall 2007): 38. Print.

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