Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Article #4

Matches are for sissies – Four unconventional ways to light a fire

By Craig McCartney

Rating ***

Have you ever thought about lighting a fire with the help of a flashlight? Yes, if you forgot to bring matches, there is always a way to light your camp fire. This article will give you four different methods to light a fire without matches and be confident for your next camping trip.

This article gives tips to light a fire in four different ways with all sorts of items such as: Flint and Steel, Magnifying glasses, Flashlight, and Fire Bow. The author gives instructions and tips for finding the items needed and explains how to use them for lighting a fire. The most interesting method is the fire bow because only natural items are necessary. The items required are a fire-board which is a flat piece of wood about 30 centimetres long, a spindle that is a smooth straight stick of 20 centimetres long sharpened to a shallow point at both ends, a handle and a bow ( half meter long stick). There are a few specific steps to follow and the author encourages a lot of practising. I think these tips are important because it is easy to forget to bring something on trips, including matches. It is also good to know how to light a fire in emergency situations where you can not easily access matches.

This article was interesting and I was surprised to see that a flashlight can be used for lighting a fire as well. My favourite part was the Fire bow method because it was completely new to me. I recommend this article to anyone that goes camping but also for anyone that wants to learn more about lighting a fire without matches.

Craig. McCartney. “Matches are for sissies – Four unconventional ways to light a fire”. Ottawa Outdoors Magazine. (Summer/Fall 2011): 23. Print.

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