Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ted Talk How we re-grew a rainforest By: Willie Smits This Ted talk is about Willie Smits, who discusses the plight of the rainforest through clear cutting and poor agriculture planning. Saying how this leads to regular large-scale fires and flooding due to the lack of trees. Then going on to say how this problem isn’t unsolvable but simply requires planning and support of the locals. Discussing how he was able to re-grow an entire rain forest in a sustainable way. This left higher employment and jobs within the area. I really found this Ted talk inspirational as it discusses a large problem the continual shrinking of the rain forest. This ability to re-grow a rain forest so that it can support hundreds of different bird and animal species within three years is a beacon of hope for us all. Which I would recommend to anyone interested in the plight of the worlds rainforest, to this blueprint of how to grow one.

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