Monday, May 21, 2012

One for All, and All for One? - Tamia Nelson

Rating - ***

          This article talks about going on a canoe or camping trip (similar to the ones we go on) and how friendship and the types of people you are with can effect it. The author shares many stories about bad experiences with people, and what to look out for in yourself and others before going on a trip with them. She says you should ask the following questions about your friends and about yourself: Are my friends/am I a capable paddler that can keep up with the group? Do I trust their/my judgement? Does anyone have health problems we should prepare for? Can I trust my/they trust their life with them/me? The article says that you should be able to say yes to all of these questions.
          This article, although very long and perhaps with too many stories, was very interesting. After going on the trips in outdoor ed class, it is very easy to relate to the struggles involved with being with all different kinds of people. It offered some very good advice for anyone planning a trip with their friends. Overall it was an informative article.

(, Paddling Articles [In Good Company] -

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