Sunday, May 6, 2012

Outdoor Ed Resource Assignment -

Field Book For Canadian Scouting

Rating ****

The book called “Field book for Canadian scouting” is written by Scout Canada, and it includes everything you need to know when you are a part of Canadian scouting.  This book has great information that is also useful for outdoor education class. It gives tips and advice in relation with what we are doing in this class.

The book is organized in 17 chapters that cover many topics such as planning a trip, choosing and packing equipment, meals and nutrition, winter camping, map and compass, first aid, Leave No Trace principle, survival skills, camping, animal traces, ropes and knots,  and even about canoeing. The book also gives tips to be a good leader, and how to act with the environment.

I think that Outdoor Ed. Students should use this book as a support for the class. They can find a lot of details about the activities they are doing with the class and the can improve their knowledge in general. It can help to review the theory for the test, being ready for the trips and becoming confident about Outdoor skills. It can also be used for planning a trip with the family and friends or as a reference for first aid situations that could happen anywhere even at home.

I enjoyed reading through the book; the information is clear and easy to reference.  There are many pictures and illustrations. I recommended this book for anyone who would like to improve their outdoor skills and enjoy even more the outdoor experience!

Sarah Jenni

Scout Canada. Field Book For Canadian Scouting. [Cat No. 20-667] [ISBN 1-894187-00-8] Canada. Unknown date. Print

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