Thursday, June 14, 2012

Adventures Without a Cause

by Will Gadd rating *** This article discusses a disturbing new trend of mixing charity work with personal expressions which he claims is “just wrong”. Will Gadd discusses about a new fad, of going on charity funded expeditions in order to raise money for that charity. How people will claim that they are going to climb Mount Everest for a charity, but he claims is simply someone who wants an expensive guided expedition to the top of Mount Everest. It isn't really for charity, instead its because we want to, the word charity is simply to raise money to go. Which will end up raising less money for charity than if they had called friends and family to donate money. Citing examples of web sites that organize trips around the world for charities of your choice, allowing you to use the money you raise on your trip to pay for your trip expenses. While bringing media attention to a cause can be a good thing, he condemns those who simply get a charity to support their personal adventure. This article was a real eye opener for me, because I agree with Will's views on people using charity money to sponsor private adventures. When somebody does donate to a charity they do so with the knowledge that they are helping make the world a better place or helping someone in need, not helping some person to climb Mount Everest. I find it to be a breach of trust that the money I donate could be spent on a trip to the North Pole. For this reason in the future if I donate money I will make sure I know where that money is going. Gadd Will “Adventures Without a Cause” Explore summer 2012, James Little, pg 35

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