Thursday, June 14, 2012

Article #2
Submitted by trevor on 2006-10-18 | Last Modified on 2010-04-01
Article name: Start Climbing - Part 1: Introduction & Overview
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Rating ***** Amazing

This article is to rock climbing advice as Ironman 2 is to the avengers; it's a setup, a set up to a series of fantastic articles. The author’s personality drips through this article making it a personal experience and a relatable experience, you connect with the words in this article as if they were being spoken right in front of you. Not only is it well written but it is also very informal of what rock climbing is (after all it is an “Introduction & Overview”). I highly recommend this article to those who wish to start rock climbing or to those who just want to read a well written article. I cannot say anything about the other articles written in this series but if they're anywhere near as good as Part 1, then give them a read.

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