Monday, June 11, 2012

Children growing weaker as computers replace outdoor activity – By Denis Campbell

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This article talks about how research has revealed that children are becoming weaker, less muscular and unable to do some physical tasks that previous generations found simple. They think this impact on children's health is caused by the drift away from outdoor activities.
Dr Gavin Sandercock, a children's fitness expert, studied how strong a group of 10 year olds in 2008 compared to a group of children the same age in 1998 and found that the number of sit-ups 10 year olds could do declined by 27.1%, arm strength fell by 26%, grip strength by 7%, and 1 in 20 children in 1998 could not hold their own weight when hanging from wall bars compared to one in 10 could not do so in 2008. "This is probably due to changes in activity patterns among English 10-year-olds, such as taking part in fewer activities like rope-climbing in PE and tree-climbing for fun. Typically, these activities boosted children's strength, making them able to lift and hold their own bodyweight." Sandercock said. "Climbing trees and ropes used to be standard practice for children, but school authorities and 'health and safety' have contrived to knock the sap out of our children. Falling off a branch used to be a good lesson in picking yourself up and learning to climb better. Now fear of litigation stops the child climbing in the first place." said Tam Fry of the Child Growth Foundation.
                This article shows the importance of keeping active and fit. Children are becoming more unfit, less active and in many cases, heavier than before. This article is eye opening to what the younger generations are becoming because of technology like computers, TV, and video games that keep you inside and inactive. Although I am on the computer at the moment, I do try to stay active and fit by doing activities outside with my family or dog. Reading this article will defiantly make me rethink next time I’m sitting on the computer on Facebook or YouTube when I instead could be outside being active.
Campbell, Denis. “Children Growing Weaker as Computers Replace Outdoor Activity.” The Guardian. Guardian News and Media, 21 May 2011. Web. 11 June 2012.

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