Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Outdoor Ed Resource - White Water Rafting

The Ottawa White Water Rafting club has a great website that can give you tips on how too properly maneuver on white water. The site gives some really great examples on where too go and how difficult they are. They have a media gallery so that you can see pictures, and videos.

The site has online shopping links so that if you wish to become a white water rafter, they could make it possible. Good materials will help you through the roughest white water with less problems. they offer classes and water lessons for you too become a more experienced white water rafter.

The site has good information for a experienced or inexperienced rafter. This will help the grade 12 class by learning more before they go onto their rafting trip. I believe that this will be a helpful website for the outdoor ed class. I hope you enjoy.

The website can be found here


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