Thursday, June 14, 2012

Steppin Out- Bruce Franks
Rating: **
This read was a little bit of a dry topic to read, but informative to read.
This article explains the ideal hiking boot to purchase for your hiking trips. It describes the different types of boot that can be used on certain trails. It says that there can be no rushing when going to purchase hiking boots. it mentions that you need to be aware that European sizes are different then American sizes. It describes the shoe, and its different purposes with either the extra height at the ankle or the stronger soles and why these are useful for trails.
I enjoyed this article because I like to be informed about what types of hiking boots I can purchase. I never would have thought to buy differernt styles of boots for different types of trails, although now that I think of it, it makes total sense to own different style of boot. The description of the boots were clear and thourough, and I  felt that it was easy to understand, even though I am no hiking junkee.
I recommend to anyone who is planning on giong for a hike and is need of new boots.
Franks, Bruce. Steppin Out. 1990. Print

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