Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Deconstructing fear by Dominique Larocque

This article talks about fear and how to control it. Believing in yourself and overcoming that fear. The writer tells a story about herself and how she overcame fear.

Fear is the most common mental breakdown of a human. It keeps you back from something that you believe is dangerous. Fear can be good, but could also have a negative effect on the way you do things. Many people have fears of different objects. Some have fear of heights or spiders or even flying. All of these effect you in a negative way. The article is saying that you should overcome this fear that is running through your mind. Psychologist work with athletes that have been effected by this fear so that they will perform at a higher level. Many of these techniques used by the psychologist work. Some do not and the psychologist will keep working until the fear is cured. Reconstructing the mind can be difficult but it eventually does work.

This article was very good too read. Fear has such a high impact on a individual. Many do not overcome the effect of fear but the ones that do go for help eventually do. This article was great to read about if you have a fear of something. I suggest if you have fear, read this article.

Ottawa Outdoors Magazine, summer/fall, pg15

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