Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Polar Vision By: Monique Roy-Sole and Paul Nicklen

Photographed By: Paul Nicklen
Rating: **** - Excellent

Polar Vision” is an astonishing article that grabs your attention from start to finish. With its photogenic aspect it captures the true aspect of the northern ecosystem and its inhabitants.

Nicklen’s photos show the true aspect of arctic life and he tries to make people understand that with global warming occurring, this beautiful web of life will be destroyed. The survival of these animals depends on our actions, and if we don’t proceed to fix them, then all of this life could be destroyed in an instance. These animals need the ice to survive. He states in the article “Sea ice is so important that if we lose it, we’re going to lose an entire ecosystem.” This statement truly represents what Nicklen stands for and what all of society should stand for when it comes to the environmental issues.

Paul Nicklen and Monique Roy-Sole do a magnificent job demonstrating various aspects of arctic life. “Polar Vision” ended up being a truly remarkable article, with its display of various photos and shows us what we could be missing if our actions don’t change. Roy-Sole also does an excellent job of depicting Nicklen’s shots and displaying the true endangerment of these animals.

I truly recommend this article to everyone as I believe and support what they are doing and we all can help save this endangered ecosystem. To observe these magnificent shots was a great experience and should be seen by everyone.

Monique Roy-Sole and Paul Nicklen. “Polar Vision.” Canadian Geographic. January-February 2008. Print. Page: 42-53

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