Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wet your whistle by Gerry Godsoe

This article talks about how dehydration is very crucial to stay alive on a trip. It talks about the symptoms of dehydration and when to act. Also how much we should drink, carry, and what not too drink.

Dehydration is common on a trip if you're not prepared. You should always bring more than what you expect to drink when you are not near running water or a lake. Most of our bodies can handle days without water but you will start to notice changes. Your body will become weak and become despite for water. Mouth will become dry, your urine will become a darker, greener color. You will not be able to think straight, and skin will lose it touch. These are all symptoms of dehydration. You should be drinking at least 2 liters of water a day. Many people believe that if they do drink that much they feel worse. It all depends on your body type. When you age, the thirst sense decreases and will become harder to tell when you are dehydrated. Remember too always bring more water than expected. Caffeine, alcohol and snow have all been proven that they do dehydrate you.

The article was very interesting. I knew that dehydration was very common in outdoor experiences. This is a great article to learn more about dehydration and what you should do when you do become dehydrated.

Ottawa Outdoors Magazine, summer/fall, pg 3

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