Saturday, June 9, 2012

Dogs and Paddles - By Dave Brown

Rating: *** If you your love for your dog matches your love for canoeing, this article could prove useful to you. You no longer have to leave your dog behind when you go on your canoe trips if you just follow the training steps Brown has set out. From how to get your dog comfortable around a canoe to making sure he stays put while you're out on the water, Brown gives many useful tips to make your experience as enjoyable as possible.

 Considering I have a dog, I found this article interesting as it contained many points I would never have thought of to make her more comfortable in a canoe. The tips seem like they make sense, but I know my dog wouldn't listen, and would probably tip the canoe anyways. It really is a matter of opinion and experience as to how well these tips actually work. Maybe one day I'll get to test them out! Overall, this article bring to the table new points of view to allow you to better share your summer fun with your dog! 

Dave Brown. Dogs and Paddles. Ottawa Outdoors Magazine. Spring 2012 Edition, page 12.

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