Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hear Willy (Whales, Interrupted) By: Graham Slaughter

Rating: *** - Good

The article “Hear Willy (Whales, Interrupted)”, is truly an eye opening article that explains why we (humans) need to adapt to provide a better living space for other animals and not just ourselves.

Graham Slaughter shares good information about the pollution affects from ships and other places that are in fact affecting the creatures of the sea. The article focuses mainly on whales and orcas. Slaughter explains that in 2001, orcas were placed upon the species at risk list, which for any animal is a drastic experience. With only some of the species remaining, the end for these creatures could be near if society doesn’t change their actions. Throughout the article, Slaughter encourages society to alter some of their choices to give this species a better chance at survival.

This article outlines that society needs to change some of their current actions. Slaughter provides statistics and occurrences that have put orcas and whales into potential extinction. Without people who care, these creatures would have been extinction years ago. These articles describe the pain and suffering of these creatures, and outline what we are doing wrong and what we can do to fix it. To fix and alter the pollution and contamination caused by people, we need to understand the affects and this article does that a good job of explaining this well.

I truly recommended this article to anyone and everyone. These are the articles that everyone should see to show them what our actions are doing to the species around us. This article is a must see to encourage everyone and alert them about the affects of pollution and contamination on species. Start small, win Big!

Graham Slaughter. “Hear Willy (Whales, Interupted.) Canadian Geographic. December 2011. Link:

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