Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pedalling East Of Ottawa by: Stephen Johnson

This article talks about the biking trail that runs 72 kilometres of rural “paradise.” They call it the Prescott- Russell Recreational trail. He talks about what a great experence it is and how much tourism it has.

The trail is a big part tourism in the Prescott- Russel county. The trail starts in Hammond that is just 25 km east of the city and goes all the way Quebec border. Some patches of the trail are paved but most of the trail is ground up tiny stones that makes a good solid, smooth riding surface. You will need a good hybrid or a mountain bike for this trail. Mostly forest but do have parts that ride along the farmers fields. They eventually want to extend this trail right too montreal in the near future.

This article is not the most exciting biking article out there but it gave lots of information. I never knew that this trail even exsisted and I pretty near live right beside it. The article had good info on where the good stops were. If you are a family biker than this is a ride you should defintly hit up.

Ottawa Outdoors Magazine, summer/fall 2009, pg 30

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