Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Trail Running Anywhere, Anytime by Dave McMahon

This article talks about having freedom wherever you wish to run. Being safe and watching out for certain object that could possibly injure you on your run. Techniques will come into play and must be ready for the worst of times.

Running is a big part of keeping fit and a healthy life style. Running on the street is just boring. The article is saying that you should open up to new ideas and start running to where your legs take you too. He is saying that street running is hardly a challenge. If you want a challenge you should start running through forests and up mountains for a better, more explosive power in your running style. Techniques do come into play when running through a forest. Coordination is a very high factor. Running over rocks, making sure you don't role your ankle on the side or stubbing your toes and a tree root. Keeping short strides is a better way to conserve energy because eventually you will hit a big creek that you will have to jump over.

This article was great. Running in a different environment is way more fun than just running in on a street 2 roads over from you. Forest running does make you a better runner and a more accurate runner. You should read this article if you are into running. You will really enjoy it.

Ottawa Outdoors Magazine, summer/fall 2009, pg 11

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