Sunday, September 30, 2012

Lost and Scared

Wilderness Survival 101
By: Chantal Macartney

Rating: ***

This article, written by Chantal Macartney, was very insightful in showing what to do if you ever get lost outdoors. It demonstrates the 5 important elements that will ensure your survival for many days when in the situation of getting lost, and will overall increase your confidence and enjoyment when in the wilderness.

This article explains the five survival elements that you should always keep in mind when lost ranking from most important to least; Attitude, Shelter, Water, Fire, and Food. It explains why these are the important elements of survival and why some elements are more important than others. This article also recommends a survival kit and has many helpful tips that show you how to survive alone in the wilderness and how to get rescued quicker.

I gave this article three stars because though I did learn some useful information on how to survive in the wilderness if lost, most of the article was based off things you could do if you had their survival kit which I most likely won’t bring on our camping trip to Algonquin Park.

Macartney, Chantal. "Wilderness Survival 101". Ottawa Outdoors Magazine. Online. September 7,2012. <>

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