Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ultra Trail Runner Krissy Moehl on how to Run 100 Miles - Mary Anne Potts


The thought of running 100 miles for most people is just an impossible task. That is because no one would think it to be possible to run from our school to Montreal. For Krissy Moehl and other ultra distance runners its just another race.

    The interview with Krissy Moehl gives insight to readers about the 100 mile runs that she has done and is planning to do. You have to be prepared mentally and physically to complete one of these races and be flexible with your plan, because it will always change due to differing circumstances. In the interview Krissy Moehl also gives some tips about how to complete such a task, like break and eating habits during the race.

    Knowing that people are able to complete such hard tasks has made me more open to trying harder things and pushing myself to the limit. This has reminded me about people who when things start to get tough, or if they get tired they just give up. In a race like this they can’t give up or stop when they are tired, but they just keep pushing themselves.

Potts, Mary. "Ultra Trail Runner Krissy Moehl on how to Run 100 Miles" National Geographic. 30 Sept 2012 <>.

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