Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Forward Forever

Forward Forever

By: Cole Johnston


This article is very informational and friendly. It is an article all about improving your stokes while canoeing to lessen the strain on your body while being just as, if not more, efficient. Andrew Westwood gives you tips and tricks on how to maneuver your body in a such a way that your body parts are working together to reduce muscle fatigue and keep you on track. He also briefs the audience on which paddles are recommended for certain situations.

This article was influential to me because of my canoe trip to Algonquin park which was very strenuous on my muscles. I learnt many useful tips such as the proper positioning of my body and how to use my arms without making myself too tired. I now also understand the types of paddles to use depending on the circumstances.

I recommend this article to anybody that is feeling pain or fatigue after canoeing long distances.  It will greatly increase your knowledge and understanding of long distance canoeing and will also help relieve the tension on your muscles.

Westwood, Andrew. "Forward Forever". Canoeroots magazine, http://www.canoerootsmag.com/canoerootsmag_earlysummer12/ . Oct 30th.

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