Wednesday, October 31, 2012


This article is about a young man named Aaron Lindsau. He is a solo skier who plans on skiing to the South Pole and back. Aaron had a weird menu plan before he set out. In one of his pictures, it shows him with a duffle bag full with bricks of butter. He wrapped each individual brick with gold wrapping paper. Hes reasoning for such odd wrapping and food choice was " it;s important to ensure that part of my ration is well taken care of. If the butter were in with the general population, it would be mashed to being unusable or rotten."

He also decided to pack butter because he was on a 6000-a-day calorie diet. That means he would be eating three sticks a day. While Aaron is on his trip, he says the thing he is most scared about is falling into a crevasse. Before he set out he had a strategy planned out so he wouldnt run into any crevasses on the way. Aaron explained the reason he was frightened about the possibility of falling was he read an article about a Canadian girl falling into a bug crevasse and had to be rescued while she was dieing.

Aaron wants to ski to the South Pole and back becuase "I want to raise awareness for prostate cancer by doing this expedition. A simple blood test can help save the one in six men who will be stricken with it. Early detection saved my dad from prostate cancer and I want to help other men survive this disease.”

I found this article pretty interesting, but not one of the best ive read. If someone was looking to read a good article on skiing i dont think i would suggest reading this one. I'm rating this a 2 of 4 stars. **

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