Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Camping Tips for Novices and Experts

Author: unknown

Rating: 5/5 stars *****

The article I read was about how simple polyester pants can be turned into a sack or how you still have to wash pots, yourself and/or other esentials away from the water, lakes , streams etc. erven with biodegradible soap.

This article has shown me many was about what to pack for a hiking trip, canoe trip, and many other trips but not winter trips and that certain items can be used for multiple reasons.

some things that i learned from this article were that if your flashlight doesn't work because an object in your bag turn it on while hiking etc. you can turn the batteries around and the flashlight will work or like a mouse pad can be used to sit on during a hike or even like bunge cords can be used to hang a tarp because they work better then regular rope. 

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