Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Running In the Dark- Do the Bright Thing

Runing in the Dark- Do the Bright Thing by Dave Brown

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 Late fall is the ideal time for runners. The hot summer temperatures are gone, leaving in it's place the nice cool evenings and mornings that make running all the more enjoyable. With the upcoming winter comes shorter days and less time to go for a run while it's still light out, meaning that for many people the only chance that they have to go for their run while it is dark out. This article describes the best ways to ensure that you stay safe and that your run is the most enjoyable that it can be.

 In this article, Dave highlights the best ways to remain safe while rinning at night or early morning. To begin with, Dave explains that running at night increases your chances of injury, but at the same time it can be better for your health since there are less cars on the roads and less fumes to be breathed in. Then he moves on to give tips on how to stay safe including only running or walking on weel lit roads and always facing traffic, so that the cars can easily spot you. Dave also recommends that you wear light coloured clothing, with reflective strips, and, if you can, bring a flashlight too. If you wear all of this, it will be very difficult for a car not to see you. Lastly, Dave recommends that everyone brings an ID with them and a cellphone in case of an emergency and that you do not listen to music because you would not be able to hear an oncoming truck, for example. In using all of these tips, you should be able to enjoy your run with out a trip to the emergency room. 

I found that this article was very useful for me because it is true that it is very hard to find the time to go for a run while it is still light out, and can be dangerous to run in the dark without the proper materials. I now know that I should face traffic, wear reflective and light clothing, and always carry identification and a phone. I knew that music wasn't a great idea, but now I know that since it is dark, hearing is one of the best ways to know if danger approaches. With everything that this article has taught be, I will be able to confidently go for a run without the fear of not being seen.

I highly recommend this article to anyone before they leave for a run, jog, or walk in the dark because although accidents do happen,  many of them can be avoided by using these simple tips.

Brown.Dave. "Running in the dark-do the bright thing". Ottawa Outdoors Magazine. OttawaOutdoors.ca.Online.October 30, 2012

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