Wednesday, October 31, 2012

An encounter with wild life in Mexico city
By: Dave D’Abate
Rating: ***

          An encounter with wild life in Mexico City is an article that leaves you wanting more. If you read it you will want to see it till the end.
           This story is about a young man how a dangerous encounter with a mountain lion had on his hike thought Mexico City. He knew that were he was traveling was not a safe area to be but it was the fastest was to get to his camp. The story shows how he defended himself from the lion, also different facts about how you can distinguish one animal from another at night.
         I enjoyed this story how, it talks about how you can defend yourself from a mountain lion. Also what to do and what not to do, this story has taught me that there are any different sutelties of defense agents animals.
      I suggest you read this article if you like to be left thinking what happened next.

   Dave D’Abate:  An Encounter with wild life in Mexico City (December 14 2009 print)             

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