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Sweating out the pain

Sweating out the pain

Author Unknown

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The second article that I read for this semester was one that had interested me the most over all my three years of Outdoor ed. Unfortunately the article did not have an authors name attached to it. The author interviewed the head athletic therapist of the Ottawa Senators, a local NHL hockey team, interviewing him on how he recovers the players so fast and keeps them in good health.

Townend, the athletic therapist of the Ottawa Senators uses a uncommon method for a quicker recovery of the athletes. He uses a low heat heat sauna that is just above body temperature. Instead of the athletes having a hard time breathing, the lower temperature lets the athlete keep breathing steady but still let the heat relax their wounded muscles. This method has been used for more then ten years by hospitals to recover critically ill patients in hospitals, and now physiotherapist are beginning his method as well.
If you are one who is often hurt and often needs to recovery a reoccurring injury then this article is recommended for you along with the low- heat sauna.

Author unknown, "Sweating out the pain"
Ottawa Outdoors, Summer/Fall 2007

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