Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fastpacking lets you get away and stay longer

Fastpacking lets you get away and stay longer

By: Sara Montgomery and Derrick Spafford

Rating: * * * *

     Through out this article, the two authors discuss the importance of actually noticing your settings instead of just passing through while out enjoying a nice nature walk or run. Sara and Derrick discuss what Fastpacking is and how about you get involved, how you prepare, and what to look for while Fastpacking.

The describe the procedures and precautions you have to take before going on your Fastpacking trip. Things like weather, food, terrain and the weight of your gear are key factors to the precautions you must take before you head out on your trip. As for the procedures they say you want to have everything sorted out before you head out on your trip, weather being one of the first thing you look into to prepare for clothes you need to bring and the type of food you need in case you need to warm yourself up and high calorie foods to gain more energy. They proceed to with a personal story of their own Fastpacking trip that took place just recently, and the improvements they could have made.

I would recommend this article for anyone who is interested by the outdoors and who loves to live a fast pace and active life style. Over all it is an easy read and is a new and fun way of exploring nature.

Sara Montgomery, Derrick Spafford, "Fastpacking lets you get away and stay longer"
Ottawa Outdoors, Summer/Fall 2007,


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