Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Close Call the Night of the Wolves

This article was about a man who was going through personal troubles, so he decided to go on a solo camping trip. He drove 3 hours to get to the destination, and hiked through the trails of where he was camping.

After he set up camp, he sat by the water and looked into the sunset. He was thinking of life back home, when suddenly he heard howling in the distance. He listened intently to the wolves. After listening to the howling, he heard splashing in the water. Once he realized it was a wolf in the water he got into his tent and looked at it. The wolf saw him and ran full speed for the door of the tent. Just before it got to the door, it tripped on a rope, and ran off. The man in the tent braced himself for a second attack. In a couple of minutes a pack of wolves showed up at his campsite. They didn't seem to aproach the tent, so he figured they were checking the campsite out to see who was invading their territory.

I enjoyed this article because it was interesting, and exciting. If anyone wanted to find a good outdoor article, I would definitely suggest this. My rating was 3 of  4 stars.***

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