Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Descend Like a Pro - Dave Stibbe

Decend like a Pro - By Dave Stibble

 Rating ****

Descend like a Pro by Dave Stibbe teaches you how to properly descend a mountain on your bike. In this article, it informs us with different tips and tricks to safely maneuver down. It also teaches us different things like, how to adjust your bike, how to be seated on the bike, how to maneuver down a mountain and being ready to bail or stop with back brakes if the worse happens. Even if you’re a beginner or intermediate you can still enjoy mountain biking to your own abilities.

 Reading through this article was really enjoyable because I love to bike. I have a road bike that I ride at home but I’ve never been able to it in the mountains and try it. It looks very entertaining and something I could enjoy with friends and family.

 I recommend for people to read this article if they are thinking about going mountain biking for the first time because it gives them a great base of necessary skills. As well, it is also beneficial for the more intermediate riders so they can have a little review. As well I recommend that our class goes out and tries it since it would be something fun to attempt.
Stibble , Dave. Decend like a Pro. (No date available). October 31st 2012.

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