Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mountain Biking technique by Hansley

Article #2
Rating: ****4/5
As I saw that we are going to be biking for our next unit I found an article that could benefit the entire class and teach a lot of things some people might not know.
The article isn't your average small column read. This article was very well structured and it contained very well planned steps and examples leading the reader to feel the experience. During the first paragraph I definitely connected with the author as he described a really fast descent down a hill. While he described his descent he also added some tips which in my imagination felt really use full. You can definitely tell that this person is not a beginner and definitely knows what he is talking about and he proves it in many different ways. He talks about techniques, steps and comparisons to professionals. Not only does this article talk about your bike parts and tune ups it also talks about your body and how you should adjust yourself comfortably and plan for crashes and injuries in general. This article was a really good read for me and I would recommend it to my entire class for our next unit. It has definitely changed my views and perspective about my bike and myself, I hope to learn more in the upcoming Unit.
-by: Hansley .P

Stibbe, Dave. "Descend Like a Pro". ottawaoutdoors.ca [Date unavailable]. 30 October 2012 <http://ottawaoutdoors.ca/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=81&Itemid=58>

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