Tuesday, October 30, 2012

what are we reading

The New Ocean Order
By Conor Mihell

This artical is appealing to me because it provides addrenalin with a new experiance. the artica was about a small group of friends with a pation for kayaking. the friends found that you could ride waves while kayaking in the ocean. the friends lived in vancover bc. the friends new sport when viral and ended up on youtube. now the friends were posting the vidios under hurrican riders and became a hit for the out door camunity. the group started filming there outings "just to see what they looked like." well one thing came to another and now there outings were all over youtube. you can still find the friends having fun together even when there not kayaking, and thell alwas have those fond memories.

Mihell. Conor. "The New Ocean Order" Explore: Canada's Outdoor Magazine. (July/August 2010): Pg 16

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