Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Non Hollywood Wolf Attack

My close call the night of the wolves by Bruce Watts
Rating: **

This is a high suspense wolf attack story that fell up short. A good story from the start with great build up to but an attack scene that fell up short.

The article is about a man that wanted to escape the stress of his home life and went on a solo hiking trip to algonquin. One night he was reading a book alone in his tent and could hear the wolves not far away howling into the night sky. Then the wolves came closer and one curiously ran around the campsite and jumped right up onto the side of the tent. In the end it was a wolf chasing supper for the rest of the group; not quite as exciting as I hoped for.

I kind of enjoyed the reality check the reader is forced to make after the "attack" scene. This article made me think about what I might have done in this situation, considering that the only knowledge I have on wolves attacking humans (my imagination) is that they do in a very vicious manor. This article will probably make me change my behaviour when faced with a situation like the one in this story because I will think twice if what I think will happen is plausible or if Hollywood is truly getting the better of me.

Watts. Bruce. My close call the night of the wolves. Ottawa Outdoors Magazine. October 12th 2012.

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