Saturday, November 10, 2012

Article #2

Tune-up Time - Get your bike spring-ready
By: Matt Staneland
Rating: ****

This was a very helpful and interesting article to read. I already knew some of the tips and have performed but some I have not even heard of doing.

This article explained many tune-up tips that you can do for your bike once spring/summer comes along. It discusses on how you should tighten every bolt to make sure nothing falls off. You should never make the bolts really tight, this can cause them to get stripped. Next you should lubricant your chains to ensure that they run smoothly and nothing is wrong. After checking the chains you should check to see if your brakes are not sticking to your tire. Make sure they are not rubbing against your tire while the wheel is moving. This tells you that your brakes are in fine condition and you can hit the trails soon.

Since I am planning on buying a road bike for next summer, this article taught me how to keep my bike running for a longer time. It explained on how I can keep good maintenance on it if anything happens. I cannot wait till next summer!

Staneland, Matt. “Tune-up Time - Get your bike spring-ready”. Ottawa Outdoors Magazine. Online. November 10, 2012. <>

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