Friday, November 9, 2012

Mountain Bike Technique

Mountain Bike Technique
-Descend like a pro
By Dave Stibbe

Rating *****

This article describes in detail specific techniques that could prove to be useful if an individual ever decided to take up mountain biking. The author covers topics such as setting up your bike properly, good posture, and the intimidating yet exhilarating experience mountain biking has to offer.

When faced with a downhill challenge, the best advice offered by the author is to lower your seat. Although it may be a matter of common sense to most people, a less experienced mountain biker may find this to be a useful technique when they don’t have a sore bum or battle scars from falling off the bike so frequently. This is due to an increase in balance because of a decrease in weight and pressure on the front tire. It is also important to be aware that even the most experienced mountain bikers will fall from time to time, so you may as well embrace the thought of out of control tumbling for meters on end. It is important to be smart and wear the proper gear to prevent serious injury. Finally, some key techniques to keep in mind are to stay off the front brakes, keep your gaze ahead, stay off your seat, keep your pedals level, and hold on.

I gave this article five stars because it offers useful information that will help me to mountain bike these next few weeks. I would definitely recommend it to anyone in O.E who hasn’t gone biking yet and doesn’t want to fall on their face.

By Jen Hauteclocque

Stibbe, Dave. “Mountain Bike Technique”. Ottawa Outdoors Magazine.
Online. November 7th, 2012.

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