Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cold Weather Running

Don't let Ottawa winter slow you down
By: John Stanton

Rating: **

The article “Don't let Ottawa winters slow you down” wasn't a very good read. Though this article had many helpful tips at the end; it seemed kind of random. It was about how small organisms that live on high mountain ranges stay warm from the sun which is their own microclimate and we too need a microclimate though we are much larger organisms which we create by layering our clothes and from our heart which is our own personal heater.

Though the paragraphs given in this article weren't very good, the article did have a lot of insightful tips to consider while out in cold weather such as; “If you're going out by yourself, tell someone your route and estimate how long you'll be out. Find a route that allows you to cut your run short and get help if you need it.”

I gave this article 2 stars because the majority of the reading seemed useless but in the end it had a lot of useful tips that could potentially save your life if you run into trouble while out in the cold. If someone were to read this article to get more knowledge on cold weather running I would suggest to only read the cold weather tips at the bottom of the article.

Stanton, John. “Don't let Ottawa winters slow you down”. Ottawa Outdoors Magazine. Online. November 8, 2012. < >

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