Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dehydrating food is simple and fast

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This article on dehydrating food was helpfull about understanding that you can dehydrate endless foods to take anywhere and it is very easy too.
Dehydrating food does not have to be hard. There are endless foods to dehydrate and it is very convenient too. Commercial dried foods can be very expensive with small portions. Aswell it can sometimes taste funny or strange. You can dehydrate your own food with a commercial food drier or your own eletric or ever solar powered food drier. It eliminates much of the foods weight so you are able to take it anywhere. When food is dehydrated it can last for weeks to even years. No perservatives or chemicals have to be added to your dried food and can still be highly nutritious.
You can explore different foods to dehydrate while also keeping all nutritional value in your foods for a healthy choice.
Finkelstien, Max  Ottawa Outdoors Magazine, Online

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