Sunday, December 2, 2012

Evil Mud

Evil mud was a very informative article and I very much enjoyed it, but I wish I had read it before my mountain biking unit.

This article was about mountain biking on muddy trails and how to protect your trails from the damages caused by mud and biking through it. It also gives a list of how to do your best on a muddy trail. The article was written with a bit of sarcastic humour about the attitudes of certain people, I found this to be amusing.  

This article talks about how people should avoid riding through mud because it can damage your bike and damage the trail. A lot of people don't usually want to bike through mud but it turns out that doing so will only cause more damage to the trail and lead to the possible closure of the trail. I would have never thought that such a little action like going around a mud puddle could cause something like the closure of a trail.

All in all it was a well written article and gave helpful advice given from multiple sources.

-Dominique Larocque


-Ned Overend’s book, Mountain Bike Like a Champion, as well as from Mountain Bike, and Bicycling magazines.

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