Sunday, December 9, 2012

Tips To Surviving A Backcountry Avalanche

Rating: *****
Before this article sates any tips, it explains a small article about three friends who survived an avalanche.  This article is great read for skiers and snowboarders who like to take more risky and un-traveled paths. The story about the three people surviving isn’t so important about the article but it is interesting and incredible just to read along with reading some tips.

            Even if you tend to stay on routes that have been traveled a lot and well known it is very important that every skier and snowboarder reads this. There are very important tips that you need to know and some you would’ve never thought about doing. You will never be able to out-ski and avalanche so when you do know is moving get out of the middle and try to move to the side, then drop all equipment even poles so you won’t be weighed down. Moving snow is like a moving current so you will want to swim in the snow because you will sink if you don’t. If under the snow you will only have about 25 minutes before you will loose oxygen so try to conserve it.

            These are only a few of the tips so like stated above it important you read this before going on the slopes. I found this article to be very useful giving it five starts and once reading those tips even once, it is fairly easy to remember them for the future.  

Brown, Dave. “Tips To Surviving A Backcountry Avalanche”. Ottawa outdoors 2012. Articles: Alpine. Accessed, Dec. 9 2012. 

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