Monday, December 10, 2012

Ted Talk #1

Matthew Childs' 9 Life Lessons From Rock Climbing

Matthew Childs

Rating: *****

This TED Talk is given by a veteran rock climber who's sharing 9 lessons he's learned to help in rock climbing, as well as everyday life. 

Matthew's 9 lessons are: Don't let go, hesitation is bad, have a plan, the move is the end, know how to rest, fear sucks, opposites are good, strength does not always equal success and know how to let go. All of these lessons are pretty self explanatory and they can all apply to life and to rock climbing. Matthew gives examples of these lessons with pictures and explanations of times when the lesson would have helped the rock climber.

I enjoyed this TED talk because it took things you can learn while rock climbing and applied it to everyday life, and it works. I find that it's a good way to present life lessons in a way people can understand them, and especially the outdoor ed classes since we just finished our rock climbing unit. I only wish I had seen this video before going rock climbing since it could have helped. Matthew is a good speaker and he got his point through in an efficient manner. I am now inspired to go out and do more rock climbing with the help of these lessons, and apply them to my life.

I would recommend this TED talk to anyone who's been rock climbing and want's to learn some rock climbing lessons as well as life lessons.

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