Friday, January 25, 2013

Canoeing TV- A new Outdoor Ed resource


    For beginners it is important that they know what is expected of them while canoeing before they are put out on the water. And the best way for beginners to learn all the different strokes and emergency procedures is by seeing them being done. Canoeing TV is a youtube channel that shows just that and more for experienced canoers

    On Canoeing TV’s youtube channel there are many easy to follow visual guides to all of the basics of canoeing. From the types of strokes to how to flip a capsized canoe this is a one stop shop for anyone wanting to learn how to canoe. It is proven that student new to anything will learn better if they are shown what to do, and being able to show them in a class environment before they go onto the water is only logical.

    This site has been very helpful for me to learn different emergency procedures for canoeing. I believe that video tutorials are much more useful than a written page of instructions because it gives the viewer a visual demonstration. This is why I believe that Canoeing TV should be implemented into the Outdoor Ed class to help less experienced enthusiasts have a better chance at understanding what is expected of them to do.

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