Friday, January 25, 2013

The Complete Outdoors Encyclopedia

            The Complete Outdoors Encyclopedia is an encylopedia with loads of information about the outdoors.  This book claims to have information on fishing, hunting, wildlife, canoeing, safety, and much more.  It has gotten good reviews, and also boasts to have loads of colour pictures and photographs.

            I think that this book would could be added to the CW outdoor ed room because it has lots of information to help with studying, and has useful things to know, such as tying a snare or making a splint.  This book might also help with various projects in outdoor ed.  You may be able to find ideas to help with a project, such as the dutch oven assignment.  There is one downside to it that I find is quite substantial.  The book mentions hunting quite a bit, and the target audience seems to be hunters and trappers.  Since hunting isn't something that we do in outdoor ed, parts of the book could be completely useless.  Overall, the book could be added to the class' collection of outdoor ed resources, and could be used in a number of ways.

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