Friday, January 25, 2013

Quest For Fire-Chantal Macartney


    After spending a night out in a quinzhee and multiple days out skiing, I once again see just how important being able to make and keep a fire going is of upmost importance to all who go one trips. Good thing there are articles like this that are extremely helpful with explaining how to master making fires.

    This article has all of the instructions needed for starting a fire in any season. It also includes lots of helpful tips and tricks to getting it going fast, keeping it going, and keeping it safe. Its starts off by saying how to find the right site, which is a place away from overhanging trees and tents and also with low wind. It then goes to say how to get it started, for this pinecones and cotton balls covered in petroleum jelly will do the trick. Then The article goes on to say the different advantages to the different types of wood you can put in the fire. At the end the article also says all of the safety pointers that campers should know before they go out.

    This article has really helped me by giving lots of tips on how to master making and keeping the fire going. I learned that softwoods will put out a hot but short fire while hardwoods will produce longer lasting coals. I will most definitely put this information to good use on our next trip out.

     Macartney, Chantal. "Quest For Fire." Ottawa Outdoors. N.p., n.d. Web. 25 Jan. 2013. <>.

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