Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Getting into the swing of hammock camping

By: Dave Brown

         This article did not provide much in-depth information or knowledge about the outdoors, but it did teach me something that I never knew before about a different way of sleeping outdoors.  The title immediately grasped my attention as I wondered what hammock camping was all about. Essentially hammock camping is your regular hiking trip getaway but without the tent and instead you sleep in hammock. This type of hammock camping has been used since the 16th century by many different cultures.

The author, Dave Brown, explains the pros of hammock camping saying how it’s a healthier way for you to sleep, reduces our “Leave no Trace” method and really adds an interesting twist to your camping experience. The hammock has many other uses as well, such as being used for a campfire chair, a lounge, or even a gear loft.  All hammocks are equipped with canopies so you never have to worry about getting rained on in the middle of a peaceful sleep.

This article didn’t necessarily teach me much about this new sleeping arrangement but it would be something I might consider in my next camping trip, once I understand it more!

Brown, Dave. “Getting into the swing of hammock camping.” Ottawa Outdoors Magazine. Feb. 2012. (unknown page). Print

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