Monday, January 28, 2013

Youngest Person To Ski The North Pole

Youngest Person To Ski The North Pole
Ben Saunders

Rating: ****

This Ted Talk is the incredible story about the youngest man to ever ski to the North Pole, told by himself.

Ben Saunders wanted to push his personal limits. He had attempted to ski the North Pole before with his friend and he had run out of time and everything had melted. He wanted to attempt to do this challenge which is told to be 10x more difficult than climbing Mount Everest solo. With months of preparation with nutritionists and trainers he had set out to do the journey once again and this time he succeeded.

This Ted Talk was very inspirational. At the end, Ben said that he was surprised at how people live their lives only exploring 5% of what their bodies are capable of, which made me think what a shame  it would be if I became one of these people. I learned that if there's something you really want to pursue, there's nothing holding you back, and that if you failed once you can always try it again. I will now try to become more adventurous and try things I haven't done no matter how ridiculous they sound.

Youngest Person To Ski The North Pole. Ben Saunders. Filmed Feb 2005. Posted Oct 2006.

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