Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The spine of the continent-Adventure Ethics

Matt Carter
Rating: ***

If more people were more like John Davis, then the world’s wildlife would be much safer and better off.

This article explains the project created by John Davis to raise awareness for wildlife species and places that are in danger.  His plan is to set out on a ten month journey along the “spine of the continent”, a series of wildlife corridors or “wildways” that connect from western Mexico to western Canada.  Throughout his trip, he will conduct a sort of moving symposium.  He will meet with various scientists and researchers who are focused on the strain on wildlife.  He will broadcast all aspects of his trip via Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

The idea of a 10 month trip through some of the most beautiful locations in North America sounds like an amazing experience.  It is something that I would love to attempt.  As for the environmental rescue aspect of the trip, I find it encouraging knowing that there are people who will take action to raise awareness for wildlife.  These people are a great example of how humanity should treat wildlife.

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