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March 19th, 2013
Rhiannon Davies

"Debris Hut Construction"
by Jason Knight

I am going to rate nthuis article four out of a possible five stars, I found it quite enjoyable.

Mr. Kinght's article aims to inform people about an efficient and secure emergency survival shelter that will do a very good job of protecting someone from the harmful elements of the great outdoors. It tells the reader how to protect themselves from the dangerous wilderness when they need to spend a night alone without the adequate supplies. The author gives his readers a step-by-step guide to building a shelter made of forest debris for if they are ever put into a sticky situation.

Reading this article has made me realize how dangerous it can be to get caught outside with the wrong, or inadequate materials. This has made me think of how Richard Cole from the article 'into the cold', and how he could have survived had he known how tro make himself a proper debris shelter. I am pleased that I now have the knowledge to create this shelter if ever I am put into a situation in which I must camp overnight in the wilsderness with little to no shelter-building supplies.

Just by reading this very insightful article I feel inspired to make extra certain that I am always prepared for my excursions. I will change my habbits in the sense that I will be sure that multiple people always know where I am heading, and I will try to check in with friends or family as often as possible. I will also make certain that wherever I go has an abundancy of dry leaves.

Knight, Jason. "Debris Hut Construction." Alderleaf Wilderness College. Wilderness Survival School | Nature and Survival School, 6 June 2008. Web. 19 Mar. 2013. <>.

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