Thursday, March 21, 2013

Article Assignment # 1

My News Article Review on A New Canoe By Dave W. By Matthew Traynor

A 2 girls of the age 3&8 our canoeing with their Dad. They calmly started canoeing about a few hundred yards from shore. But the first thing to happen to them is that a water skiing boat was speeding down near the family’s canoe. The Waves were higher then the canoe. “They had luckily survived the first adventure and we found out that we all really like canoeing!”

Throughout the second paragraph Dave had been explaining that he wants to start a new family activity so he discusses the price of a canoe he dreams of a cheap boat (a fantasy).
He makes pros and cons for having a canoe unfortunately has no room to store a canoe in his house since he has no garage , but against the odds he finds a canoe at a price of 100$ cheaper then every other place he had researched. and it’s only 1.5 hours away. So he drove the distance and purchases the canoe. The canoe was in somewhat good shape it was 85lb plastic canoe. Dave new that like all projects it required a few trips to the hardware store, a first aid kit and some sweat.

He had fixed up the canoe and trying to find the perfect spot to storage. He started with under the bed that didn’t work then the shed but too small. He tried one last attempt to store in on the roof in the garage with pulleys and lots of bolts and ropes to sustain the canoe but he placed a ladder under it just in case it would fall. When went to check on the canoe the next morning the ladder had caught the bow and the stern was laying on top of his Explorer.

He had forgot the 2 most important tools (either then the canoe itself) Paddles and Life jackets. After a couple of days they were ready to go on the canoe trip. They had got sunscreen and a clear day. They went up to the mountains to a muddy swampy lake that was really GROSS!!. But they had traveled too far to quite so they push through the mud with the paddles and were eventually at the clear deep water. To give the kids a break from paddling we had stopped and took several breaks at islands to explore and swim. When we were almost done a huge wave hit our canoe and got me all wet. But all in all we went from non paddlers to novice canoeists.

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