Thursday, March 21, 2013

My close call the night of the wolves- Bruce Watts

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My close call the night of the wolves- Bruce Watts

      **** ( out of 5)

This article is one that I personally would never want to endure while camping by myself in the outdoors because of how scared I would feel.

The article is about a camper named Bruce Watts who decides to go on a camping trip to escape all the problems of the city but while on his adventure experiences pure terror when a wolf decides to attack his solo tent. Bruce had heard about eight wolves while listing to their voices howling but after they stop , a loud noise hits the water and before he knows it , there is a huge wolf about to run into his tent. The wolf hits the tent, but after that nothing comes of it, and Bruce enjoys the rest of his trip while being a little more cautious. 

I think that the next time I go camping i will be a little more jumpy then usual just because I can't imagine being alone with a wolf like Bruce did. I think that when I do go camping next time I will try to prevent this from happening or I would want to be with a lot of people. The article also made me think of the movie the "grey" because in the movie a pack of wolves start to stalk some survivors from a plane crash. I think I learned that a pack of wolves or even an individual wolf won't come and attack me during my sleep. The story didn't inspire me and I think think my behavior to nature will still be the same, relaxed but at the same time jumpy. 

Watts,Bruce. " My close call the night with the wolves." Ottawa Outdoors, Fall. 2012 

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