Thursday, April 11, 2013

10 Rock Climbing Tips and Techniques - By Mike

Rating - ***

This article caught my eye because of our upcoming rock climbing trip. Hoping to get some tips to progress and improve my rock climbing, I was interested in reading this article.

This article informs readers on how to improve their climbing skills and impress onlookers as well. Mikes tips vary from picturing yourself on a ladder while climbing, to using your legs more than your arms, always taking your time, and even how to help your fear of heights. He also mentioned techniques like avoiding over gripping with your hands, trusting your belayer, looking for the holds that are in reach, and to climb with your body in an "X" shape. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced climber, it can be very helpful to learn and remind yourself of these tips.

From reading this article I learned some valuable tips that I will test out on our rock climbing field trip coming up. By reading these tips and techniques I was able to recognize some mistakes I have been making and things I can improve on. I hope with reminding myself of these tips I will be able to challenge myself more and be successful when attempting harder walls. "10 Rock Climbing Tips and Techniques | Outdoors With Dave." 2013. Web. 12 Apr 2013. <>.

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